One Nation, One Student ID: A Digital Revolution in Education

Tracking Educational Progress and Achievements

The APAAR system monitors and records students' educational progress and accomplishments from pre-primary to higher education.

Digital Storage of Achievements

Students can digitally store exam results, learning outcomes, participation in various activities, creating a comprehensive achievement record.

Utilizing Credit Score for Future Pursuits

Accumulated credit scores within APAAR can be used for future educational pursuits or employment opportunities.

Privacy Measures and Information Sharing

Privacy is maintained by concealing Aadhar numbers when sharing data with other government entities.

Data Shared with Educational Entities

Essential personal information like name, address, age, date of birth, gender, and photographs are accessible to educational entities, scholarships, and institutions.

Simplifying School Transfers

APAAR streamlines the process of transferring between schools, ensuring a smoother transition for students.

Monitoring Dropout Rates and Integrating New Students

The system helps monitor dropout rates and facilitates the reintegration of students into the education system, while also tracking new entrants.

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