7 Jobs That AI Is poised to Take Over

Surgical Assistants

Advanced AI and robotics, such as the Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot (Star), are transforming surgery precision and efficiency.


AI-driven bookkeeping services, using tools like Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism, streamline accounting tasks for cost-effective and accurate results.

Proofreaders and Translators

AI tools like Grammarly and DeepL enhance proofreading and translation, ensuring error-free content.

Courier Services

Companies like Walmart and Amazon incorporate AI and drones to revolutionize logistics and delivery services.

Customer Service Representatives

AI efficiently handles repetitive customer queries, while human representatives manage complex issues.


AI-powered advertising and target marketing strategies are transforming sales, offering self-serve ad marketplaces and personalized recommendations.


Advanced AI receptionists like AimeReception manage guest interactions, from scheduling appointments to providing information seamlessly.

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