Mumbai's Legal Luminaries: Top Law Colleges to Nurture Your Legal Aspirations

Government Law College

Founded in 1855, one of Asia's earliest law schools, renowned for top-notch legal education.

Dr. Ambedkar College of Law

Named after Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, offers LLB programs through the University of Mumbai.

KC Law College

Pioneering legal education since 1955, provides profound legal knowledge and practical skills.

Lords Universal College

Offers a unique curriculum, blending theory with real-world applications and experiential learning.

Gopaldas Jhamatmal Advani Law College

Fostering legal talent since 1977, with distinguished faculty and academicians.

New Law College

Renowned for academic excellence and holistic student development under the University of Mumbai.

Rizvi Law College

Known for innovative teaching methods and a student-focused approach, offering structured LLB programs.

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