B.R. Ambedkar's Literary Gems: 7 Essential Reads You Shouldn't Miss

Annihilation of Caste

Offers a scholarly critique of hierarchical Hindu scriptures. Challenges an unjust social structure.

Who were the Shudras?

Provides evidence of Shudras' Kshatriya lineage. Highlights their roles as rulers in ancient Aryan communities

Castes in India: Their Mechanism, Genesis and Development

Explores sociological effects of rigid Brahmin-orchestrated matrimonial norms.

Pakistan Or Partition Of India

Illustrates the Muslim League's separatist policies. Examines the roles of Congress, British Government, and Muslim League in India's partition.

Riddles in Hinduism: The Annotated Critical Selection

Challenges Brahmanic theology. Critiques the static perspective of Hindu civilization.

The Untouchables: Who were They and Why They became Untouchables?

Addresses Untouchability in the caste system. Explores theories on its origins.

Waiting For A Visa: Autobiographical notes

Contains personal memories of encounters with untouchability. Offers insights into Ambedkar's life and experiences.

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