Boost Your Child's Education: 7 Tips to Reduce Screen Time

Set Clear Screen Time Limits

Follow recommendations: No screens for under 2, 1 hour for 2-5, and 2 hours for 6-18-year-olds.

Lead by Example

Demonstrate healthy screen use habits. Use screens for education and leisure responsibly.

Promote Outdoor Activities

Encourage outdoor play and physical activities. Support their physical and mental well-being.

Earn Screen Time

Make screen time a reward for good behavior, chores, and school performance. Teach responsibility and discipline.

Utilize Parental Controls

Employ parental control tools to limit and monitor screen time. Block specific websites and set time restrictions.

Communicate About Screen Time

Have open conversations about screen time limits. Emphasize the benefits of balanced screen use and responsible management.

Make Screen Time a Family Event

Create family movie or game nights. Strengthen family bonds through shared activities.

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