8 free online courses that offer certificates too

Exploring Swayam Portal

Discover diverse online courses on Swayam, a gateway to knowledge offering a wide curriculum.

Robotics - Fundamental and Advanced Concepts

Dive into robotics with a 12-week course from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Biochemistry Unveiled - Biomolecules Exploration

Explore biochemistry intricacies with St Xavier's College, Kolkata, unraveling proteins, enzymes, and more.

Empowering Lives through ICT in Rehabilitation

Bridge technology and inclusivity in a course empowering individuals with disabilities and seniors.

Navigating Peace and Conflict Management

Gain insights into peace dynamics, peacebuilding theories, and conflict complexities with IGNOU.

Library & Information Services in the Digital Era

IIT Delhi's course covers modern library trends, from repositories to automation and Green Library.

Mastering C++ - Beyond Basics

Elevate C++ skills with IIT Bombay's Advanced C++ course, featuring 10 tutorials.

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