7 US Cities That Are Perfect for International Students

Boston: Technology and Engineering Hub

Boston, home to Harvard and MIT, excels in technology and engineering programs, perfect for aspiring tech enthusiasts.

San Francisco: Tech and Innovation Oasis

With Stanford and UC Berkeley, San Francisco is a tech haven. Computer science and engineering are prominent here.

Los Angeles: Entertainment Capital

Film and media studies shine in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital, with USC and UCLA leading the way.

New York City: Cultural and Academic Hub

NYC offers excellent arts and humanities courses, led by Columbia and NYU, in this bustling cultural mecca.

Chicago: Iconic City for Arts and History

Explore art and history in Chicago with top universities like the University of Chicago and Northwestern.

Philadelphia: History and Political Science

Steeped in history, Philadelphia is ideal for history and political science degrees with institutions like UPenn and Drexel.

Washington D.C.: Political Science Epicenter

Study political science and international relations in the nation's capital, with Georgetown and George Washington University as top choices.

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