7 Mammoth Islands That Will Make You Feel Small

Ellesmere Island, Canada

Fact: The world's 10th-largest island, Canada's third-largest, covering 196,235 square kilometers with a sparse population.

Victoria Island, Canada

Fact: Canada's second-largest island, 217,291 square kilometers, remains sparsely populated due to its polar climate.

Great Britain

Fact: This densely populated island, spanning 209,330 square kilometers, hosts the majority of the UK's population.

Honshu, Japan

Fact: The world's most densely populated island at 227,690 square kilometers, hosting 81% of Japan's inhabitants.

Sumatra, Indonesia

Fact: Indonesia's second-largest island, 443,064 square kilometers, renowned for its rainforests and unique wildlife.


Fact: Inhabited by 27 million people, Madagascar harbors unique flora and fauna but faces environmental challenges.

Baffin Island, Canada

Fact: Canada's largest island, 507,451 square kilometers, with a small population and diverse wildlife.

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