7 Countries with Oil Reserves That Will Blow Your Mind

Venezuela (303.806 Billion Barrels)

Holds the world's largest oil reserves in the Orinoco Belt, yet to fully utilize its potential.

Saudi Arabia (258.600 Billion Barrels)

Unstoppable since 1938, aiming for 13 million barrels/day production by 2027.

Iran (208.600 Billion Barrels)

Iran, with 16% of global oil, drives its thriving economy.

Canada (170.300 Billion Barrels)

Home to 166.3 billion barrels of oil sands, a preferred global oil source.

Iraq (145.019 Billion Barrels)

Produces 4.5 million barrels/day, with a significant export volume.

Kuwait (101.500 Billion Barrels)

Holds 100 billion barrels, 8% of world reserves, mainly in Al-Burqān field.

Russia (80 Billion Barrels)

Europe's largest reserve with 9.4 million barrels/day production, impacted by Ukraine.

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