7 Best Books On Leadership Everyone Must Read in 2024

Leadership Gems of 2024

Discover the top leadership books shaping minds and inspiring change in 2024.

"Opening Your Presence" by Greta Muller

Boost public speaking confidence and personal branding for aspiring leaders.

"Good Power" - A Memoir for Change

Transform business practices to drive global and societal positive change.

"The Elephant's Dilemma" - Rethink Your Future

Embrace risk, reimagine your career, and leave an inspirational legacy at work.

"Leading Lightly" - Stress-Free Leadership

Michael's tactics for clarity, mindfulness, and ease in leading with increased productivity.

"Unbreakable" - Resilient Team Leadership

Develop skills to lead teams resilient in the face of adversity, whether in-person or remote.

"Coaching For Performance, 6th Edition"

Ideal guide for both experienced leaders and novice managers to boost team performance.

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