8 Best Tips To Become More Approachable At Your Workplace

Eye Contact Magic

Engage others with a welcoming gaze, making eye contact during conversations for a friendly atmosphere.

Angle Matters

Show interest by angling your body toward people during conversations, signaling genuine engagement.

Fidget-Free Zone

Boost approachability by avoiding subconscious fidgeting, such as with pens, keys, or hair.

Nod and Connect

Demonstrate active listening by nodding appropriately, fostering a connection with your conversation partner.

Positivity Magnet

Radiate positivity by offering encouraging words, making yourself more approachable in the workplace.

Posture Power

Maintain an open posture with shoulders back to convey confidence and invite others to engage with you.

Curiosity Wins

Exhibit genuine interest in others' opinions and hobbies, creating an approachable and friendly persona.

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