7 AI-Powered Education Tools for Students in 2023


Gradescope is an AI-powered grading platform that automates essay and test grading, saving time for teachers and providing valuable feedback to students.


Fetchy, an AI-powered reading tool, enhances reading comprehension and vocabulary by reading text aloud, highlighting key concepts, and defining unfamiliar words.


Knowji, an AI-powered vocabulary learning app, uses spaced repetition to help students effectively learn and remember new words while offering progress tracking features.


Cognii is an AI-powered learning platform offering personalized instruction and feedback. Interactive activities and games make learning engaging and fun.


Kaggle is a platform for data science and machine learning competitions, providing datasets, code notebooks, and courses to practice AI skills.


Udacity offers nano degree programs focused on AI and machine learning with hands-on projects and expert-led instruction.


TutorMe is AI-powered software that tutors students using machine learning algorithms. It tracks performance data and provides tailored suggestions.

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