Youngest IAS Officers of India: An Inspiration to Us All

Roman Saini - A Young Entrepreneur Turned IAS Officer

Roman Saini, an AIIMS test topper at 16, became an IAS officer at 22 and later founded Unacademy.

Ansar Sheikh - Overcoming Challenges to Become an IAS Officer

Ansar Sheikh, born to humble beginnings, cracked UPSC at 21 and now serves as an ADM in West Bengal.

Tina Dabi - A Stellar Debut with UPSC

Tina Dabi secured AIR 1 in the 2015 UPSC exam at the age of 22, marking a remarkable debut.

Gaurav Goyal - Nation's Promising Young IAS Officer

Gaurav Goyal, an IAS officer since 2006, is renowned for his outstanding service and dedication.

Amrutesh Aurangabadkar - A First Attempt Success Story

Inspired by his father's work, Amrutesh passed UPSC on his first attempt and joined the IAS.

Pradeep Singh - A Bihar Native's Inspiring Journey

Pradeep Singh, from Gopalganj, Bihar, became an IAS officer at 23, despite family sacrifices.

Swati Meena Naik - Rajasthan's Youngest IAS Officer

Swati cleared UPSC at 22, securing an All India Rank of 206 in her first attempt.

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