Unveiling Mental Health Solutions through Indian Knowledge System at IIT Mandi

IKS and Scientific Advancements:

How IKS harnesses EEGs, brain imaging, and virtual reality for cutting-edge mental health research.

The Cognitive Foundation:

Explore IKS's unique perspective that links cognition and emotions to the essence of matter.

Therapeutic Insights:

Learn how yoga, meditation, music, Sanskrit, and the arts promote cognitive enhancement and relieve stress.

Validating IKS:

Discover how biological signals and virtual reality help confirm the effectiveness of IKS practices.

IIT Mandi's Vision:

Insight into the institute's collaborative approach, shaping the program and research for societal needs.

Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science:

Witness the synergy of traditional Indian knowledge and contemporary technology in mental health solutions.

Beyond Textbooks:

Explore how IKS goes beyond conventional teaching, integrating practical approaches for holistic well-being.

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