Top 8 institutes in Europe for Data Science and AI courses.

University of Oxford (England, 1096)

One of the world's oldest universities with a history of academic excellence.

ETH Zurich (Switzerland, 1855)

Leading science and technology university known for research and industry connections.

EPFL (Switzerland, 1911)

Swiss science powerhouse in Lausanne, focused on research and international programs.

University College London (England, 1826)

Prestigious London university with a diverse range of subjects and a large international community.

Imperial College London (England, 1907)

Focuses on science, engineering, medicine, and business with a strong reputation.

University of Edinburgh (Scotland, 1583)

Historic university with a well-rounded education and strong international presence.

Milan Polytechnic (Italy, 1863)

Large technical university focused on engineering, architecture, and design. Courses mainly in Italian.

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