Top 8 Countries With the Most Educated Population in the World

South Korea Leads in Education

Remarkable 69% tertiary attainment rate reflects South Korea's cultural emphasis on academic success.

Canada's Strong Commitment

Canada showcases a 66% attainment rate, emphasizing accessible and high-quality education.

Japan's Tradition of Learning

With a 65% tertiary education rate, Japan's focus on education aligns with its technological advancements.

Ireland's Skilled Graduates

Ireland's 63% attainment underscores its well-developed education system, producing highly skilled graduates.

Luxembourg's Surprising Rate

Despite its size, Luxembourg achieves a remarkable 63% rate, emphasizing education and workforce development.

United Kingdom's Rich History

With a 57% attainment, the UK maintains its position with a rich history of education.

Lithuania's Commitment to Education

Standing out in Europe, Lithuania demonstrates a commitment to education with a 57% attainment rate.

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