Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid in UPSC Mains Examination

Lack of Time Management

Not managing your time efficiently during the exam can lead to incomplete sections. Develop a time allocation strategy.

Overlooking Syllabus

Ensure you cover the entire UPSC Mains syllabus. Ignoring topics can cost you valuable marks

Neglecting Revision

Skipping revision can result in forgotten information. Allocate time for thorough revision before the exam

Poor Health and Stress Management

Neglecting your health and not managing stress can hamper your performance. Prioritize self-care during preparation


Don't let overconfidence cloud your preparation. Consistent effort is key to success in UPSC Mains

Not Analyzing Mistakes

Review your practice tests and mock exams. Understanding your mistakes helps you improve.

Ignoring Optional Subjects

: Choose your optional subjects wisely and dedicate ample time to their preparation

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