Top 7 Countries Hosting the Most Indian Students

France: 10,003 Indian Scholars

France, steeped in culture, welcomes 10,003 Indian students pursuing higher education.

Georgia: 14,000 Indian Scholars

Georgia attracts 14,000 Indian students seeking educational opportunities.

Germany: 34,864 Indian Scholars

Germany, renowned for technical programs, hosts 34,864 Indian scholars.

Qatar: 46,000 Indian Scholars

Qatar in the Middle East accommodates 46,000 Indian students as a prominent educational hub.

UK: 55,465 Indian Scholars

The United Kingdom, home to prestigious institutions, boasts 55,465 Indian students chasing their dreams.

Australia: 72,877 Indian Scholars

Australia beckons 72,877 Indian students with its world-class education.

USA: 2,00,000+ Indian Scholars

The United States, a global education giant, welcomes over 200,000 Indian students.

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