Time Management Tips for CBSE 12th Chemistry Exam:

Read the Entire Paper Quickly:

Start by quickly scanning through the entire question paper to get an overview of the topics and plan your time accordingly.

Allocate Time Wisely:

Divide your time based on the marks allotted to each section, prioritizing sections with higher marks to ensure thorough coverage.

Follow a Sequence:

Answer questions in sequential order, beginning with the ones you find easiest and most confident about to build momentum and confidence.

Stick to Word Limits:

Adhere to prescribed word limits for each answer to avoid spending too much time on one question and missing out on others.

Underline or Highlight Keywords:

Highlighting or underlining keywords in questions helps you understand requirements quickly and respond appropriately.

Skip Difficult Questions Initially:

If you encounter challenging questions, move on to the next one and return to them later if time permits to ensure you attempt all questions.

Manage Time in Numerical Problems:

Allocate specific time for each step in numerical problems and move on if a step is taking too long, returning to it later if time allows.

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