The World's Safest Countries in 2023

Iceland - Unrivaled Safety

Holding the top spot for 14 years, Iceland remains a beacon of safety worldwide.

New Zealand - Tranquil Landscapes, Low Crime

With a remarkably low crime rate, New Zealand boasts serene safety amidst breathtaking landscapes.

Ireland - Rapid Safety Progress

While crime rates are notably low, exercising caution in select urban areas is advisable.

Denmark - Safe Haven of Equality

Ranking 4th in the Global Peace Index, Denmark ensures safety and happiness through equality.

Austria - Tranquility Amidst Turbulence

Despite occasional unrest, Austria stands as a peaceful haven amidst societal shifts.

Portugal - Declining Crime with Vigilance

Despite armed police, Portugal's crime rates have decreased due to increased law enforcement presence.

Singapore - City-State Security

Singaporeans feel secure with favorable encounters with law enforcement ensuring safety.

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