The World's Most Powerful Navies: A Ranking of Global Maritime Forces

USA: 323.9 (US Navy)

Topping the list, the US Navy reigns as the most powerful globally.

China: 319.8 (People’s Liberation Army Navy)

Following closely, China's PLA Navy secures the second spot.

Russia: 242.3 (Russian Navy)

Russia's Navy claims the third position in naval power.

Indonesia: 137.3 (Indonesian Navy)

The Indonesian Navy stands fourth in global naval strength.

South Korea: 122.9 (Republic of Korea Navy)

The Republic of Korea Navy ranks fifth among powerful navies.

Japan: 121.3 (Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force)

Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force holds the sixth spot.

India: 99.1 (Indian Navy)

India's Navy secures the seventh position in global naval power.

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