The 7 hardest degrees in the world

Medicine (MBBS)

A globally pursued degree with extensive study and practical training, doctors can earn Rs 15-20 lakh annually.

Engineering Challenges

Offered worldwide, engineering programs foster complex problem-solving, securing graduates well-paying jobs, with salaries averaging Rs 6-10 lakh per year.

Theoretical Physics Odyssey

Pursued globally, emphasizing abstract concepts and mathematical rigor, theoretical physics graduates earn substantial salaries, often exceeding Rs 10-15 lakh annually.

Astrophysics Wonders

Globally available, astrophysics programs offer competitive salaries, averaging around Rs 9-12 lakh per year.

Tech Marvels - Computer Science and AI

Pursued globally, these degrees prepare students for high-paying jobs, with salaries often exceeding Rs 12-15 lakh per year.

Architectural Mastery

Offered worldwide, architecture programs demand creativity and technical skills, offering architects competitive salaries, averaging around Rs 6-9 lakh annually.

Math Prowess

Available globally, mathematics programs emphasize problem-solving and abstract reasoning, with professionals earning competitive salaries, often exceeding Rs 6-9 lakh per year.

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