SBI Clerk 2023: Ace Your Banking Aspirations with These Proven Preparation Tips

Sectional Focus

Identify strengths and weaknesses in each section and allocate time strategically for mastering them.

Topic Focus

Prioritize reasoning, numerical ability, and English language for the Prelims with targeted study tips.

Mains Strategy

Start preparing for the Mains alongside the Prelims; allocate specific time in your routine for Mains preparation.

Daily Newspaper Update

Dedicate an hour daily to read newspapers; this enhances vocabulary and improves general awareness.

Quantitative Aptitude Prowess

Practice shortcut tricks, sectional tests, and quizzes to improve speed and accuracy in quantitative aptitude.

Edge over Critical Reasoning

Master critical reasoning in the Mains by focusing on puzzles, data sufficiency, and decision-making.

Mastery in English

Tackle dynamic English questions in the Mains by covering grammar nuances and various question formats.

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