Ranking the Global Colleges with the Lowest Admission Rates: Top 7 Revealed

The University of Chicago

Known for rigorous academics, its 7.9% acceptance rate reflects its selective nature.

The Juilliard School

This renowned performing arts conservatory has a 7.2% acceptance rate due to its focus on talent.

Yale University

With a 6.9% acceptance rate, Yale's Ivy League status and academic richness attract top applicants.

Princeton University

Ivy League Princeton's 6.5% acceptance rate highlights its academic rigor and popularity.

Columbia University

Situated in NYC, Columbia's 6.1% acceptance rate reflects its diverse academic offerings.

Harvard University

Steeped in tradition, Harvard's 4.92% acceptance rate draws top students globally.

Stanford University

Stanford's 4.34% acceptance rate mirrors its academic excellence and vibrant campus life.

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