NIFT Entrance exam 2024: Important topics and weightage

CAT: Creativity Ability Test Topics

Observation, discernment, design skills, and creativity essentials for success in design fields.

GAT: General Ability Test Subjects

General knowledge, current affairs, communication, English, quantitative skills, and problem-solving evaluation.

Communication Ability and English Comprehension

Language proficiency, synonyms, plurals, idioms, phrases, spelling, prepositions, and English comprehension skills.

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

Static and current general knowledge, with a focus on the fashion industry, testing awareness.

Situation Test: Practical Assessment Topics

Construction skills, spatial visualization, color schemes, innovative material use, finesse in model creation.

B.FTech Weightage: Evaluation Focus

General Ability Test (GAT) is the sole focus, emphasizing its significance in B.FTech admission.

B.Des Admission Components

Common Admission Test (CAT) 50%, General Ability Test (GAT) 30%, Situation Test 20% for a holistic B.Des evaluation.

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