NEET 2024 Biology Chapter-wise Weightage and Important Topics

Diversity in Living World (14%)

Explore Earth's life forms, their classification, and characteristics in this chapter with a 14% weightage.

Cell Structure and Function (5%)

Understand the fundamental unit of life with a 5% weightage covering cell structure and functions.

Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants (9%)

Delve into the anatomy of animals and plants, understanding their structural arrangements with a 9% weightage.

Plant Physiology (6%)

Unveil the inner workings of plants, focusing on vital processes and functions, contributing 6% to the total weightage.

Human Physiology (20%)

Explore the intricate systems of the human body, covering physiological aspects with a significant weightage of 20%.

Genetics and Evolution (18%)

Delve into inheritance principles and evolution mechanisms, with this chapter holding a substantial weightage of 18%.

Reproduction (9%)

Investigate reproduction processes in living organisms, covering various mechanisms with a 9% weightage.

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