JEE Main 2024: Chapter-Wise Weightage and Most Important Topics

Heat and Thermodynamics

Fundamental concepts in heat, temperature, and entropy setting the stage for electromagnetism and waves.


Understanding electric charge, fields, and potential—essential for electromagnetism and circuit comprehension.


Core principles of magnetic fields and forces, vital for topics like motors and generators.

Chemical Bonding

Exploring various chemical bonds and their influence on predicting molecule properties

Chemical Equilibrium

Essential for understanding reaction rates and concentrations in chemical reactions.

Gaseous and Liquid State

Investigating properties of gases and liquids—crucial for solving problems involving ideal gases and solutions.

Limits, Continuity, and Differentiability

Covers fundamental calculus concepts—limits, continuity, and derivatives.

Integral Calculus

Explores integration and its applications across physics, chemistry, and engineering problems.

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