Is CAT the Toughest Exam in India? Here's What Experts Say

Gateway to Top B-Schools in India

CAT is the crucial entrance exam for esteemed business schools like IIMs, shaping MBA admissions.

Low Acceptance Rate

In 2022, with over 200,000 candidates, only about 1,500 secured admission to IIMs, yielding an acceptance rate below 1%.

Wide Range of Skills

CAT assesses Quantitative Ability, Verbal Ability, and Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning, essential skills for business success.

Timed Exam

Candidates face a 2-hour challenge, demanding swift and effective problem-solving, posing a time-pressure hurdle.


CAT's changing format and difficulty levels make preparation challenging, leading to unexpected hurdles on exam day.

Rigorous Preparation

Success requires months of intensive preparation, covering diverse topics, mock tests, and strategic exam approaches.

Mental Toughness

CAT evaluates not just academic prowess but mental resilience, testing candidates' ability to handle stress in a lengthy and demanding exam.

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