IIT Madras: 8 Notable Alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Vineeta Singh

Founder of SUGAR Cosmetics, B.Tech in Electrical Engineering (2001-2005).

Kris Gopalakrishnan

Co-founder of Infosys, M.Sc. Physics, M.Tech Computer Science.

Prabhakar Raghavan

Senior VP at Google, B.Tech Electrical Engineering, Ph.D. UC Berkeley.

Animashree Anandkumar

Bren Professor at Caltech, B.Tech Electrical Engineering (2004).

Sridhar Vembu

CEO of Zoho Corporation, B.Tech Electrical Engineering (1989).

M. Jagadesh Kumar

Chairperson of UGC, esteemed academic background at IIT Madras.

Prem Watsa

Founder and CEO of Fairfax Financial Holdings, Bachelors in Chemical Engineering.

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