ICSE Class 10 Board Exam 2024: Important Math topics to revise

Overview of ICSE Class 10 Math Exam

A glimpse into the important topics for the upcoming March 15, 2024, three-hour exam.

Commercial Mathematics Essentials

Covering GST, discounts, profit and loss, banking, and interest calculations for a solid foundation.

Algebra #1

Linear inequations, quadratic equations, and ratio and proportion strategies.

Algebra #2

Delving into matrices, arithmetic progression, and coordinate geometry for a comprehensive understanding.

Geometry Focus

Unraveling the mysteries of similarity, circle properties, and the magic of regular hexagons.

Mensuration Mastery

Calculating areas and volumes of solids, cylinders, cones, and spheres.

Trigonometry: Proving Expressions

Navigating through simple algebraic trigonometric expressions and solving height and distance problems.

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