How to Increase Your Writing Speed: 7 Tips That Work

Regular Practice Sessions

Dedicate daily practice under time constraints to witness a remarkable improvement in writing efficiency.

Prioritize Clarity Over Perfection

Emphasize clarity and conciseness in competitive exams, focusing on effective idea conveyance over perfection.

Craft Time-Saving Shortcuts

Develop personalized shortcuts and abbreviations to save time, such as 'e.g.' for 'for example'—a valuable exam strategy.

Create a Distraction-Free Zone

Find a tranquil writing haven, silence distractions, and create an environment conducive to focused writing.

Warm-Up Routine

Prevent cramps with hand and wrist stretches. Engage in quick mental exercises to sharpen focus before writing.

Read Questions Thoroughly

Ensure comprehension before writing. Avoid irrelevant details by understanding the core of the question.

Organize Thoughts with a Roadmap

Jot down main points before writing to create a roadmap, avoiding rambling sentences and staying on target.

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