How to deal with 6-year-olds who cannot read

Focus on Fun and Engagement

Use silly voices, act out characters, and let kids choose books for an interactive learning experience.

Choose the Right Books

Find books about animals, superheroes, or hobbies to keep them engaged; break down longer stories.

Make it a Shared Experience

Set dedicated daily reading time, cuddle up together, let them read simple sentences, and ask questions.

Embrace Different Formats

Explore audio recordings, pop-up books, and interactive apps for a dynamic reading experience.

Build Confidence Gradually

Praise small efforts, encourage persistence, and empower them to find books they're excited about.

Make Reading Everywhere

Create cozy reading spaces, read labels, menus, and street signs together for continuous learning.

Seek Support if Needed

Teachers can assess reading levels; tutors offer personalized instruction if extra help is required.

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