How to become a travel journalist

Master the Art of Writing

Enhance your writing skills through classes and regular practice—immerse yourself in quality travel writing.

Dive into Journalism

Gain experience through school newspapers, internships, or blogging—preparing you for the dynamic world of travel journalism.

Find Your Travel Niche

Identify your preferred travel focus to tailor your ideas for editors—establish your unique perspective.

Network with Peers

Connect with fellow travel journalists at conferences and workshops, seeking mentors and industry insights through social media.

Showcase Your Portfolio

Build a portfolio showcasing blog posts, articles, and photos—demonstrate your skills and experience to potential editors.

Craft Compelling Pitches

Research editors and publications, tailor pitches to fit their style, and ensure concise, well-written proposals.

Follow Up Politely

If there's no response, follow up with a polite email or call—demonstrating persistence and professionalism.

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