Gearing Up for Greatness: Top 7 Tips to Smoothly Transition Your Child to Nursery School

Visit the school together

Arrange a visit to the nursery school with your child before their first day to help them acclimate to the environment.

Talk about nursery school

Engage in positive conversations about nursery school, discussing what it involves, the activities, and the new friends they'll make.

Practice routines

Familiarize your child with nursery school routines like mealtimes, playtime, and naptimes by incorporating similar schedules at home.

Encourage independence

Support your child in doing things independently, like dressing themselves or packing their bag, fostering their self-reliance.

Label everything

Label their backpack, lunchbox, and water bottle to avoid confusion and prevent lost items.

Pack familiar items

Send a cherished toy or blanket from home to provide comfort and familiarity.

Read books about nursery school

Explore books that depict nursery school life, helping your child understand what to expect.

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