From H-1B to EB-5: Expanding Your Immigration Options

Green Card & Citizenship Pathway

EB-5 offers a direct route to a green card, granting permanent residency and avoiding employment limitations.

Freedom from Sponsorship

Unlike H-1B, EB-5 doesn't tie you to an employer, giving autonomy in career choices.

Flexibility Across the US

EB-5 allows living, working, and studying anywhere in the US, unlike H-1B's employment restrictions.

Family Inclusion

EB-5 benefits extend to the investor's family, fostering a collective advantage under the program.

Investing in US Businesses

Significant investment in US businesses under EB-5 aids job creation and contributes to the US economy.

Potential Investment Returns

While not guaranteed, successful EB-5 projects offer potential returns on investment, adding financial incentive.

Priority in Visa Processing

EB-5 applicants often receive priority in visa processing, expediting the residency application.

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