Exploring India's Oldest and Youngest Languages


Dive into the rich heritage of Urdu, spoken for over 700 years across India and beyond, uniting communities in cultural pride.


Explore the enduring legacy of Hindi, a linguistic cornerstone of India for over 800 years, influencing over 422 million people.


Uncover the historical tapestry of Gujarati, steeped in a thousand years of tradition, resonating through diverse landscapes.


Journey through the elegance of Bengali, a language with a heritage spanning 1500 years, captivating millions with its lyrical charm.


Discover the enduring legacy of Marathi, spanning 1500-2000 years, resonating with over 71.9 million speakers worldwide.


Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Odia, a classical language dating back over 2000 years, enshrined in enduring tradition.


Experience the essence of antiquity in Malayalam, with a legacy spanning over 2000 years, transcending boundaries.


Unravel the timeless legacy of Sanskrit, revered for over 3000 years, epitomizing India's rich cultural heritage.

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