Eternal Life: Discover the Top 10 Longest Living Animals

African Elephant

Lives up to 70 years due to rare predation, strong genes, and resilient fertility.


Thrives 60-80 years in rainforests, feasting on nuts and seeds

Longfin Eel

Up to 60 years (record: 106), skilled climbers in NZ and Australia

Galapagos Giant Tortoise

Can live well over 100 years (oldest: 175), with a slow-paced life and the ability to survive a year without food

Red Sea Urchin

Believed to be potentially immortal, with some living over 200 years. They are used to monitor water pollution levels due to their sensitivity

Koi Fish

Average lifespan around 40 years, with "Hanako" being a notable exception, living for 226 years. Age determined through growth rings in scales

Bowhead Whale

Lives for over 200 years (up to 268), with age estimated through DNA analysis due to their Arctic habitat

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