Enhance Your Employability with These 7 Top-Rated Certificate Courses

Full Stack Developer Career Boost Programme

Duration: Typically 5 months Skillset: Software development, coding fundamentals, MERN stack Average Salary: 7.57 LPA Highlights: 97% salary increase, promising job placements.

Data Science Certificate Courses

Duration: 7 months Skillset: Statistics, data visualization, machine learning, Python Average Salary: 6 LPA Opportunities: Data analyst, business analyst, product analyst roles.

Digital Marketing Certificate Programmes

Duration: 3-6 months Skills Taught: SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, PPC, content marketing Average Salary: 5.5 LPA Focus: Hands-on experience, in-demand digital marketing skills.

Blockchain Technology Certification Courses

Duration: 6-8 months Skills Covered: NodeJS, Hyperledger, Ethereum, smart contracts Average Salary: 8-10 LPA Scope: Opportunities in finance, FMCG, healthcare, transport, and government sectors.

Salesforce Certification Training

Duration: 8-12 months Salary Potential: 9-12 LPA Benefits: Join the global CRM leader, with massive job growth expected.

Graphic Design Certification Programmes

Duration: 6-9 months Salary Range: 4 to 6 LPA Career Paths: Graphic designer, UI/UX designer, visual content creator.

Certified Cybersecurity Courses

Duration: 4-8 months Average Salary: 8-10 LPA Focus: Meeting the growing demand for cybersecurity professionals.

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