Cracking the UPSC CSE: Choosing the Right Optional Subject

Choose What You Love:

Select a subject that genuinely interests you and matches your skills for sustainable preparation.

Understand the Blueprint:

Analyze the syllabus and exam format to determine topic importance, marking scheme, and question types.

Ensure Adequate Support:

Verify access to study materials, coaching centers, and previous years' question papers for your chosen subject.

Seek Expert Advice:

Tap into mentorship from successful candidates or coaching institutes familiar with your chosen subject.

Streamline Your Efforts:

Opt for a subject aligning with General Studies for integrated preparation, saving time and effort.

Balance Interest and Outcome:

Consider both interest and scoring potential, reviewing choices of successful candidates and success rates.

Optimise Language Skills:

Choose an optional subject taught in a language you're proficient in to enhance comprehension and expression.

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