Cracking NEET: Landmines to Avoid on Your Preparation Journey

Lack of Planning

Without a well-structured plan, you might waste time on less important topics. Have a clear strategy, focusing on weaker areas while maintaining a balance with stronger subjects.


Delaying your study schedule can lead to incomplete preparation and increased stress. Create a realistic study plan and stick to it consistently.

Ignoring NCERT Textbooks

NEET predominantly tests candidates on the NCERT syllabus. Neglecting these textbooks can be a significant disadvantage. Make sure to thoroughly study and understand the concepts covered in NCERT books.

Over-reliance on Coaching Material

While coaching materials are essential, relying solely on them may limit your understanding. Use them as supplements and refer to other resources for a more comprehensive understanding of topics.

Skipping Mock Tests

Practice tests are crucial for time management, understanding exam patterns, and identifying weak areas. Skipping mock tests may leave you unprepared for the actual exam conditions.

Ignoring Previous Years' Papers

Understanding the pattern and types of questions asked in previous years can give you insights into the NEET exam. Analyze and solve these papers to familiarize yourself with the exam structure.

Isolating Yourself Completely

While focused study is important, complete isolation can lead to burnout and increased stress. Take breaks, engage in hobbies, and spend time with friends and family to maintain a healthy balance.

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