CBSE Board Exams to Go Twice a Year

More Opportunities, Less Pressure for Students

Biannual Board Exams

Board exams will occur twice a year, allowing students to retain their highest scores.

Subject Freedom in Classes 11 and 12

Students will have the liberty to choose subjects across streams for flexibility.

Dual-Language Requirement

In classes 11 and 12, students must study two languages, including at least one Indian language.

Upcoming Textbooks

New textbooks are in development for the academic session starting in 2024.

Revamped Classroom Approach

The traditional "coverage" approach will be replaced, focusing on cost-effective textbook usage.

Certified Test Developers

Those designing board exams must complete university-certified courses for qualification.

Continuous Assessment

A shift towards ongoing assessment and skill development will reduce the emphasis on final exams.

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