CBSE 10th English Preparation: 8 Tips to Score Full Marks in Unseen Passage

Active Reading Engagement

Dive into the text actively, ask questions, highlight key points, and relate them to your experiences.

Vocabulary Enrichment

Strengthen your vocabulary daily, practice new words in writing and speech for better comprehension.

Understanding Question Types

Recognize and understand various Unseen Passage question types like factual recall, inferential reasoning, vocabulary-based, and analytical queries.

Practice with Past Papers

Solve previous year papers to familiarize yourself with Unseen Passage formats and time constraints.

Diverse Reading Selections

Explore genres like news articles, novels, short stories, and poems to expand your comfort zone.

Time Management

Efficiently allocate time during exams, quickly skim the passage, and avoid getting stuck on one question.

Previewing Questions

Before reading the passage, carefully read questions, underline keywords, and focus on relevant information.

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