Budgeting and Saving Strategies for Abroad

Affordable Accommodation

Cut costs by choosing off-campus living, shared spaces, or exploring services like KC Overseas Education for affordable housing.

Travel Smartly

Save on travel with a frequent flyer account, stay informed about delays, and invest in mandatory travel insurance for added financial protection.

Student Discounts

Obtain an ISIC card for exclusive student discounts on various activities, public transport, museums, and more.

Cook Your Own Meals

Learn to cook for savings, health, and stress relief. Plan and shop smartly to enjoy the benefits of preparing your own meals.

Sustainable Commuting

Opt for biking, public transport, or walking to save on the expense of owning a car while promoting well-being.

Second-hand Study Materials

Cut study costs by purchasing second-hand textbooks, utilizing university library services, and seeking guidance from seniors for affordable resources.

Free Entertainment Options

Explore local attractions and cultural spots for free. Uncover the charm of your new city without breaking the bank.

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