BSEAP Class 10 Result 2024: Pass Percentage to District Performance

Pass Percentage Soars

Exceptional 86.69% pass rate achieved by Andhra Pradesh SSC candidates, reflecting educational excellence.

Widespread Participation

11,645 schools participated, showcasing the extensive educational network across Andhra Pradesh.

High Student Attendance

6,16,615 students took the exams, emphasizing the significance of secondary education.

Gender Gap Narrows

Girls outshine boys with a 89.17% pass rate, marking progress towards gender equality.

Schools Achieving Perfection

2,803 schools attained a perfect 100% pass rate, setting standards for excellence.

Improved Performance

Positive shift as only 17 schools recorded 0% pass rate, indicating effective interventions.

District Performance Variation

Parvathipuram Manyam leads with 96.37%, while Kurnool lags with 62.47% pass rate.

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