Brain Health: Why It Matters and How to Protect It

Leading cause of disability and death

Brain-related disorders rank as the second leading cause of death globally, underscoring the need for prioritizing brain health.

Importance of early intervention

Early intervention and awareness can significantly improve outcomes and prevent fatalities from neurological disorders.

World Brain Day and awareness

Recognize World Brain Day on July 22, a platform fostering awareness about neurological disorders and the importance of brain health.

Global burden of neurological disability

Over 1 billion people worldwide live with neurological disabilities; raising awareness can reduce this burden and enhance quality of life.

Prevalence of common brain diseases

Brain stroke, migraines, dementia, meningitis, and epilepsy are prevalent; promoting brain health can effectively prevent and manage these conditions.

Preventive measures

Adopting a healthy lifestyle, balanced diets, regular exercise, and proper sleep can prevent many neurological disorders.

Mental, social, and physical well-being

A healthy brain contributes to mental clarity, emotional stability, and strong social connections, enhancing overall well-being.

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