Army Day 2024: 8 Facts Every Student Must Know About Indian Army

Origins in Kolkata (1776)

Birth of Indian Army in 1776 under East India Company in Kolkata.

WWI Gallantry (1914-1918)

161,000-strong Indian Army in WWI, with Punjab contributing over half.

Indo-Pakistan War (1971)

1971 War led to the surrender of 93,000 Pakistani soldiers.

India Gate's Tribute

India Gate honors 82,000 soldiers sacrificing lives in World War I.

High Altitude Warfare School (HAWS)

HAWS, a global training hub, renowned for high-altitude combat preparation.

UN Peacekeeping Role

Indian Army actively contributes to UN peacekeeping operations globally.

Operation Rahat (2013)

Heroic role in Operation Rahat during 2013 North India floods, rescuing 10,500+.

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