9 Maa Durga Inspired Quotes to Ignite Your Self-Confidence

"I reside within you"

"You have the power to overcome any obstacle that comes your way, for I reside within you as your inner strength."

Conquer the forces of darkness

"Just as I, Durga, conquer the forces of darkness, you too can conquer the darkness within you with your inner light."

Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself, for the divine energy flows through your veins. You are stronger than you think

Courage and determination

Do not fear challenges, for they are opportunities in disguise. Embrace them with courage and determination

Rise after every fall

Your true strength lies in your ability to rise after every fall, just like I rise after defeating evil forces

Power of determination and faith

Never underestimate the power of your determination and faith. With them, you can achieve the impossible

Trust in your abilities

In the battlefield of life, remember that I am your protector. Trust in your abilities and face every battle head-on.

Reflection of the divine

You are a reflection of the divine, and that alone makes you resilient and capable of greatness

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