8 Toughest MBA entrance exams in the world.

GMAT: Global Standard for Business School Admissions

Widely accepted standardized test evaluating analytical and verbal skills for MBA programs worldwide.

GRE: Versatile Exam for MBA and Beyond

Assessing verbal reasoning, quantitative skills, and critical thinking, essential for MBA admissions in some schools.

KAGOS: Ontario's Critical Thinking Challenge

Required by select Ontario business schools, focusing on critical thinking and problem-solving in business contexts.

CAT: India's Competitive Gateway to IIMs

Computer-based test assessing quantitative and verbal abilities, crucial for admission to prestigious Indian Institutes of Management.

XAT: Xavier's Test of Time Pressure and Diverse Skills

Known for its time constraints and diverse question formats, covering quantitative, verbal, and decision-making skills.

SNAP: Symbiosis' Pathway to Business Schools

Gateway to Symbiosis International University's business schools, testing quantitative, logical, and English skills.

NMAT: India's Measure of Managerial Aptitude

Measures logical reasoning, quantitative, language skills, and analytical writing for MBA institutions in India.

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