8 Free online courses offered by International Universities

Unlocking Happiness with Yale's Wisdom

Discover the secrets of true happiness with Yale's Science of Well-Being course.

English Mastery for Career Advancement

Craft cover letters and ace job interviews with the University of Pennsylvania's English for Career Development.

Journey into the Human Brain

Explore the wonders of the human brain with the University of Chicago's Understanding the Brain course.

Cracking the Code with Princeton's Algorithms

Aspiring programmers, gain essential knowledge of algorithms and data structures with Princeton's course.

Dive into the Depths of Psychology

Uncover captivating experiments in contemporary psychology with the University of Toronto's Introduction to Psychology.

Python 3 Programming for Everybody

Kickstart your programming journey with the University of Michigan's Programming for Everybody course.

Linear Algebra Essentials for Machine Learning

Prepare for machine learning studies with Imperial College London's Mathematics for Machine Learning course.

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