8 Distracting things you shouldn't keep at your study desk

Minimize Mobile Distractions

Keep your phone away to avoid constant notifications and maintain focus during study sessions.

Eliminate Non-Essential Gadgets

Remove electronic gadgets unrelated to your studies to eliminate unnecessary diversions.

Embrace Minimalism in Decor

Opt for a balanced and minimalistic desk decor to create a conducive study environment.

Tidy Up to Avoid Paper Distractions

Maintain an organized desk to eliminate visual distractions caused by scattered papers.

Silence Background Noise

Choose a quiet study environment or use noise-cancelling headphones to enhance concentration.

Fuel Focus with Nutritious Snacks

Avoid unhealthy snacks to sustain focus during study sessions and prevent energy crashes.

Clear Desk of Unrelated Reading Material

Remove books or magazines unrelated to your studies to stay focused on the task at hand.

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